Past Event Presentations

2017 Nuisance Conference

Legal Aspects of Nuisance: Odour, Dust and Noise presented by John Georgakopoulos, Willms & Shier

MOECC Technical Bulletin on Management Approaches for Industrial Fugitive Dust Sources presented by Bruce Gillies, MOECC

MOECC Odour Best Management Practices Plans (BMPPs) and Odour Control Reports (OCRs) presented by Sean Avery, MOECC

Noise Nuisance vs Noise Compliance presented by Rob Stevens, HGC Engineering

Liaison Committees and their Role in Managing Nuisances presented by Members of the Petro-Canada Lubricants Public Liaison Committee (PLC)

Overview of Odour Management in the US presented by Michael McGinley, St. Croix Sensory

Odour Measurement presented by Mike Rix, Zorix

Metro Vancouver Odour Monitoring and Prediction Network presented by Ardevan Bakhtari, Scentroid

How to Handle Noise Complaints presented by Michael Medal, Aercoustics

Case Study 1: Complaint Response and Management System presented by Andrea McCormack, Community Liaison Co‑ordinator Goldcorp

Case Study 2: Community Odour:  Minnesota’s Stinky Bridge presented by Michael McGinley, St. Croix Sensory

Case Study 3: Shunt Truck Noise Impact Evaluation presented by Matthew Brenner, GHD

Case Study 4: Fugitive Dust BMPs presented by Peter Rehbein, RWDI

Case Study 5: Odour Assessments: Challenges and Successes presented by Ciara DeJong, Ortech