Past Event Presentations

2018 Managing Emissions- Reductions Strategies and Control

Cleantech Innovation Programs and the Low Carbon Economy presented by Martin Vroegh, Ontario Centre of Excellence

Managing Air Emissions Risks and Liabilities presented by John Georgakopoulos, Willms & Shier

Palm Beach County Waste to Energy Mass Burn Installation presented by Joshua Watson, Babock & Wilcox

LDAR: Refinery Fugitive Emissions Management presented by Ramesh Gopal, Suncor

Emission Management Through CEM monitoring presented by Kirk Easto, RWDI and Sean Miner, Pacwill Environmental

Small Wood Fired Combustor Testing Research presented by Steven Law, MECP

ACE 2019 (Quebec City) video presented by Stephanie Glyptis, A&WMA

Development of an innovative Biofilter Based on Industrial Ecology Concepts presented by Nicolas Turgeon, CRIQ

NOx Reduction Through CFD Modelling and Design presented by Bob Stelzer, Safety Power Inc.

UV Photolysis: A Novel Technique for Waste Gas Treatment presented by Vahid Asili, University of Calgary

Odour Control for Source Separated Organics and Biosolids Processing presented by Derek Webb and Bill Mullin, Biorem Technologies

Control of Nanoparticles- Filtration presented by Joerg Ahne, University of Waterloo

Control of Variable Emissions-Odour-Case Study presented by Dev Jassal, CharTech Solutions

ESPs- Optimization and Issues- Case Study Recovery Boilers presented by Ezzat Jaroudi, University of Toronto

Halogenated Gas Control presented by William Anderson, University of Waterloo

Sources of Emissions- From Boilers to Bulldozers

Emission Estimation- Good Data Makes Goods Decisions