Past Event Presentations

2016 Air and Acoustic Monitoring Conference

Acoustics Monitoring

HVAC Noise Measurements and Development of Directivity Factors (GHD)

Leading the Way with Directional Noise Monitoring (GoldCorp)

Updated Compliance Protocol for Wind Turbine Noise (MOECC)

Evaluating the Statistical Significance of Baseline Noise Monitoring Results (Amec Foster Wheeler)

Advances in Acoustic Monitoring (HGC Engineering)

Sound Transmission Class Testing for Breakout Noise (GHD)

Monitoring of Road Traffic Sound Levels (HGC Engineering)

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

MOECC ADM & Air Zone

MOECC Cumulative Effects

MOECC Proposed updates to Operations Manual for Air Monitoring in Ontario

The Next Frontier in Advanced Air Monitoring Technologies (Laki Tisopulos, South Coast Air Quality Management District, SCAQMD)

Ambient Air Collection and Testing Procedures (Maxxam)

Low Cost Passives Sampling & Analysis Solution for Air Quality Sampling (Airzone)

Sources, Collection & Analysis of Reduced Sulphur Compounds in Air (ALS)

Particulate monitoring at Construction Sites (Ortech)

Next Gen Air Monitoring Equip (Avensys)

Satellite Monitoring of Air Pollution: Ambient Levels, Emissions Monitoring, and a Look to the Future (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Stack Sampling

Overview of Source Testing in Ontario (MOECC)

Overview of Source Testing in U.S.

Federal Overview

Comparison of Mercury Sorbent Tubes to Isokinetic Sampling Methods – (Ortech) 

CEM Monitoring (CEM Specialties)

FTIR Testing of Compressor Engine Exhausts (GHD)

A Distinct Approach to Odour Impact Assessment (Air & Odour)

In-Situ Individual Particle Sizing (INO)

Stack Emission Testing from a Lab’s Perspective: Overview (Maxxam Analytics)

Challenges Facing Samplers (LEHDER)

Case Study on a Smaller Scale Emergency Generator at a Hospital Site in Ontario: Importance of Actual Testing Data (RWDI)

Lunch Speakers

Stephanie Glyptis, Executive Director, Air & Waste Management Assoc, Pittsburgh

Ellen Schwartzel, Deputy Commissioner, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario