A&WMA Toronto Breakfast Series - September 15, 2015

Review of the "Proposed Technical Standards and draft guidance documents related to Local Air Quality Regulation (O. Reg. 419/05)"

Cathy Grant
Engineering Specialist, Air Standards & Risk Management - LOCAL AIR QUALITY , MOECC

In May of 2015, the MOECC issued a notice to All Local Air Quality (O.Reg.419/05) Stakeholders. Ms. Cathy Grant from the MOECC will review this notice and provide updates on the status of the proposed Technical Standards and draft guidance documents.

For the presentation, please click here

A&WMA Kitchener-Waterloo Breakfast Series February 26, 2014

The Non-polluter Pays: Recent Trends in Clean-up Liability for Innocent Companies, Directors and Officers

Paul H. Manning, LL.B., LL.M.
Certified Specialist in Environmental Law
Manning Environmental Law

The Ministry of the Environment has successfully imposed liability for cleaning up land contamination on innocent landowners, who did not cause that contamination. More recently, the MOE's success has extended to the imposition of personal liability for clean-up on corporate directors and officers, even where they were appointed after the contamination occurred.

These decisions have important implications for companies that own or acquire land and for existing and prospective directors and officers. 

Read the three articles (inks below) that discuss the cases and issues in presented by Paul in some more detail. 

Kawartha Lakes: Protecting the Environment or Passing the Buck?

Provincial Clean-up Orders Can be Stayed and Compromised in Canadian Insolvencies

The Non-Polluter Pays: Creditor Roulette and Director Liability