Past Event Presentations

2015 Waste Management and GHG Reduction

Session 1: Ontario Waste Industry – GHGs and Cap-and-Trade 

Waste Management and Greenhouse Gases Speaker: Peter Klaassen, RWDI

Cap-and-Trade Policy Updates Speaker: Mike Kennedy, RWDI

Legal Implications of Cap-and-Trade Speaker: John Georgakopoulos, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP

Session 2: Waste Diversion 

Extended Producer Responsibility – Opportunities and Challenges Speaker: Jodi Tomchyshyn London, Waste Diversion Ontario

Measuring and Maximizing MRF Sorting Efficiencies Speaker: Neil Menezes, Reclay StewardEdge 

Disco Road Organic Facility Speaker: Neil McDonald, City of Toronto

Health Care Waste Diversion & Destruction Speaker: Jayne Pilot, Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc. 

Keynote Speaker, Ellen Schwartzel, Acting Environmental Commissioner of Ontario 

Session 3: Energy from Waste, EFW 

Waste Management in a Low Carbon Economy Speaker: Jennifer Baron, Covanta

Coal to Wood Pellet Conversions Speaker: Darcey Bailey, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) 

Turning Waste into Low Carbon Fuel – a Supplier’s Guide to the Cement Industry Speaker: Robert Cumming, Lafarge Canada

Session 4: How to Measure and Make $$ from Landfill Gas Programs 

A Comparison of Alternative Methods for Organic Solid Waste Management form a GHG Perspective Speaker: Nigel Guilford, Guilford and Associates 

Niagara Landfill Gas Utilization Project Speaker: Mike Watt, Walker Environmental Group

Full Cost Accounting Model for a Municipal Landfill Speaker: Tian Gou, Golder Associates Limited

WM’s Renewable Energy Program Speaker: Tim Murphy, Waste Management of Canada Corporation